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An Indore-based brand consultancy, Circle Marcomm specializes in developing, managing and marketing brands. For over 5 years now, Circle Marcomm has consistently maintained its position as a regional force with a reputation for innovation, creativity and reliability. Circle’s client portfolio includes many of the region’s leading companies, running the gamut from the financial, industrial, real estate, hospitality, education, FMCG sectors and more. Whether giving life to a new brand or breathing new life into an existing one, Circle Marcomm is one of the region’s foremost brand developers. Over the years, Circle has created and perfected unique processes which allow it to approach brand development from a 360-degree viewpoint and produce effective, intelligent and memorable brands.

Circle Marcomm sees a brand as living entity with countless facets and numerous layers. It understands how a brand communicates with different types of people at different times, and why a harmonized communication strategy is so vital. This approach engenders a holistic brand system which ensures an effective and dynamic brand strategy which creates momentum and sets the foundations for brand growth. When managing brands, Circle Marcomm thoroughly evaluates the implications of any tactical decisions versus the effect on long-term brand strategy. Regardless of the specific nature of a brand, Circle Marcomm actively explores and tests avenues for innovative marketing and memorable brand experiences. This proactive attitude is essential in maintaining the vibrancy and relevance of brands. With quality experience in innovative communication, Circle Marcomm takes full advantage of emerging trends and the latest technology to develop marketing strategies and brand management approaches that are as effective as they are unique.

Circle Marcomm’s expertise extends to a broad and comprehensive range of activities, enabling it to provide wellrounded support to a brand’s growth and management. From penetrating analysis and strategy development to striking graphic design and innovative multi-media, Circle Marcomm is equipped and skilled at delivering total branding solutions.


Handpicked from advertising circuit, team Circle Marcomm is an eclectic mix of highly talented and dedicated individuals that bring with them years of valuable experience and industry knowledge. Passionate and proactive, team Circle Marcomm is a well-knit community of professionals from various areas of expertise that can be counted on to deliver top performance under the most demanding circumstances. From penetrating analysis and strategy development to striking graphic design and innovative multi-media, team Circle Marcomm is fully equipped and skilled at delivering total branding solutions. After making a humble beginning, team Circle Marcomm has grown and evolved, and today the very existence of brand Circle Marcomm is only because of the relentless efforts put in by a wonderful, potent and a competent team.

He is potent in - Brand and Market Analysis, Conceptualization, Visualization, Copy-writing, Presentations and more

He specializes in - Concepts and Copy-writing

Ashwath Ramachandran


He is potent in – Concepts, Art Direction and Visualization

He specializes in – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Flash, Corel DRAW and more

Manohar Suryavanshi


He is potent in - Market Research, Market Behavior Analysis, Trend Analysis, and Marketing coupled with Communications

He specializes in - Client servicing, liaisons, pitching presentations, printing technology

Rahul Kumar Verma